Sunday, January 29, 2012

this is going to be difficult

first off i would like to say that i already wrote this post and it mysteriously got erased. this kind of thing happens all the time to me when i blog. i am technologically handicapped if you will so its not surprising that i have terrible luck when it comes to blogging but still. why i'm even attempting to catch up at this point is beyond me! this is going to be long and painful. i hope you're as excited as i am. lets start with september.


september was the month of weddings. our good friends emily and shannon got married. not to each other of course. brysons older sister also got married. so there was lots of setting up receptions, dancing, eating, post wedding jam sessions, and mingling with family and friends. september was also the month my little bro left on his mission. jordan and ryan flew in from california to see him off. it was sad but we're proud of him! i think my parents will be in a constant state of morning until he returns. 


october was filled with all sorts of fall festivities. we took sawyer to hee haw farms and i found it very disturbing. am i the only one who finds it creepy? the pumpkin patch was dead and sad. and all the kids just running around in the mud with animals. i saw a goat take down a child. thats a true story. anyway.. we carved pumpkins, went to a kiddies halloween parties, family halloween parties, friends halloween parties. we carved pumpkins and pulled out our sombreros and ponchos like we do every year. this year we added maracas to our costumes. i felt like that was a nice touch. half way through october we found out that we are going to have another baby! it was a little bit of a shocker and took a few weeks to sink in but now we're ecstatic! we also found out that my due date is june 15th... sawyers birthday. so thats good timing.  


november consisted of lots of dating my husband, going to byu football games, laying on the couch feeling like i was going to vomit, and all things thanksgiving. my papaw came to spend thanksgiving with my family and jordan and ryan came back to town! we spent most of thanksgiving day at the gunters and then made it back in time that night to do pie with my family at my grandmas. that night we laid out our black friday shopping plans and hit up a few stores. mostly i was just afraid and traumatized by all the people and all the waiting in lines. my tis however scored a new camera so it was overall successful. i on the other hand, after waiting in line for probably an hour walked away with modern family season 2 which happened to be scratched and a shirt that ended up being too small. oh well. 

december is always my favorite month of the year. its so festive and holiday joy in just in the air. thats right holiday joy. december was full of shopping, picking out and decorating our christmas tree, smelling our christmas tree, wrapping gifts, listening to christmas music, a cookie exchange party with my girlfriends, celebrating my birthday, doing the whole festival of trees thing which by the way i will never do again, and just feeling santas magic. jordan and ryan came back to town! but this time stayed two weeks. christmas eve was spent at the gunter and christmas morning my parents and jordan and ryan came over to watch sawyer open all his gifts! he was so shy and confused it was really cute. next year i think he'll really be all over the santa thing. christmas day we got to skype with jesse! it was so fun to see him. and to see my dad hold up all the family pets in front of the computer. at the beginning of the month we went to the doctors and heart our babies heart beat. its alive! its always so fun and surreal to hear there actually is something in there.


we rang in the new year in park city at the hotel park city with my family and the gambles (non-related family). hotel park city is beeeeeeeeeeautiful and will live there someday. yes in the hotel. we went to dinner and brunch, did a little hot tubbin, played a lot of donkey kong, strolled around main street and had a relaxing weekend that went by way to fast.


 as for the rest of january we have just been dinking around. its a word. well bryson has been busy with work and school. ive been pretty much just laying on the couch boring my child to death. this pregnancy + a toddler thing is rather exhausting. i won't go into it. as boring as january has been we did find out that baby #2 is a GIRL! woo! we're so excited to have one of each. and to be done making babies because once you have one of each you can stop right? right. the point of this long and painful update is not to just bore you to death but to be caught up and stay up to date with blogging. because it will all be worth it someday right? sure.


Monday, August 15, 2011

california dreamin

 last month we headed out to california to stay with my sister and her husband, otherwise known as the murtcurfs, and overstay our welcome by at least four or five days. sawyer and i flew out by ourselves because we just couldn't wait until a weekend like bryson had to. we really had to be there a good 9 days to really soak in the whole aliso viejo scene. which was pretty amazing i must say. the first night we were there we headed down to the beach to take in and bask in the sunset.

we wanted to wait to do anything truly exciting until bryson came so the first few days we just hung around the apartment, ate cafe rio and watched sawyer and tobias (their kitty) built a lasting friendship. unfortunately there are no pictures of that. i am so sorry.

so fast forward a few days if you will. enter bryson! woo. never so glad to see the guy. single parenting isn't my thing. we took bryson do to the whole sunset at the beach thing. and take more pictures which all look the same. 

 it took a few days for sawyer to warm up to the sand. i had no idea it could be such a frightening thing. but i was determined to make him love the beach. he eventually warmed up and stopped acting like someone was trying to punish him

 these two have always had a very special relationship. she has taught him many things. some of which are giving kisses and streaking in a very very high pitch. he loves her so much. it makes us all jealous. 

 one of our days was spent touring balboa island. it was so cool. the streets were lined with little shops, frozen banana stands and amazing houses. which, by the way, you can rent for the summer for a cool 5 million dollars. definitely something to look into... we ate a delish italian cafe, indulged in frozen bananas and ice cream bars and acted like true tourists taking pictures of everything.

 our last day there we spent at the beach. sigh. what it must be like to live 10 minutes from the beach. by this time sawyer was a beach pro. the sand had nothing on him.

i actually did a really horrible job documenting this trip. luckily my tis is a picture taking fiend and i plan on stealing all of her photos. not pictured from the trip: shopping at trader joes for delicious tortillas and popcorn, swimming in the pool, bbqing by the pool, watching ryan play his video games (which was actually a lot more fun than it sounds) recreating cafe rio tacos, watching shark week, and of course intense family bonding. tobias included. it was such a good trip and we didn't want to leave. thank you murtcurfs for taking us into your home and treating us like the family we are. we will be back soon