Monday, August 15, 2011

california dreamin

 last month we headed out to california to stay with my sister and her husband, otherwise known as the murtcurfs, and overstay our welcome by at least four or five days. sawyer and i flew out by ourselves because we just couldn't wait until a weekend like bryson had to. we really had to be there a good 9 days to really soak in the whole aliso viejo scene. which was pretty amazing i must say. the first night we were there we headed down to the beach to take in and bask in the sunset.

we wanted to wait to do anything truly exciting until bryson came so the first few days we just hung around the apartment, ate cafe rio and watched sawyer and tobias (their kitty) built a lasting friendship. unfortunately there are no pictures of that. i am so sorry.

so fast forward a few days if you will. enter bryson! woo. never so glad to see the guy. single parenting isn't my thing. we took bryson do to the whole sunset at the beach thing. and take more pictures which all look the same. 

 it took a few days for sawyer to warm up to the sand. i had no idea it could be such a frightening thing. but i was determined to make him love the beach. he eventually warmed up and stopped acting like someone was trying to punish him

 these two have always had a very special relationship. she has taught him many things. some of which are giving kisses and streaking in a very very high pitch. he loves her so much. it makes us all jealous. 

 one of our days was spent touring balboa island. it was so cool. the streets were lined with little shops, frozen banana stands and amazing houses. which, by the way, you can rent for the summer for a cool 5 million dollars. definitely something to look into... we ate a delish italian cafe, indulged in frozen bananas and ice cream bars and acted like true tourists taking pictures of everything.

 our last day there we spent at the beach. sigh. what it must be like to live 10 minutes from the beach. by this time sawyer was a beach pro. the sand had nothing on him.

i actually did a really horrible job documenting this trip. luckily my tis is a picture taking fiend and i plan on stealing all of her photos. not pictured from the trip: shopping at trader joes for delicious tortillas and popcorn, swimming in the pool, bbqing by the pool, watching ryan play his video games (which was actually a lot more fun than it sounds) recreating cafe rio tacos, watching shark week, and of course intense family bonding. tobias included. it was such a good trip and we didn't want to leave. thank you murtcurfs for taking us into your home and treating us like the family we are. we will be back soon


Scott and Chelsey said...

What a small world! My sis lives in Aliso and we just got back! Isn't it heaven?!? He's getting so big!

Casee said...

I am with ya, single parenthood blows. Yay for the beach and vacationing with family, it's the best!

Jo said...

Prease come back. :( That was funnest week ever, and you got so many cute pictures!!! I need them!!! Wwaaaa Tobias misses Sawyer.

Chelsey said...

What a beautiful place! I can't believe you little sister is married! It was so good to see you the other day!

Also, the key to growing a full head of fetus hair is binging on salt water taffy in the second trimester. I'm convinced.

Tim and Lara said...

looks so fun! I love Sawyer he is so adore in all those pics.

paige and jord said...

i've looked at this post probably 3 times.. and i cant believe i've never commented. i just love love love these pics. and i kind of think im in california when i look at them. okay, not really. but kinda. that little guy is just too cute, and getting too big.

Jo said...

Oh is this blog expired? I loath every single picture of me on this, but I am excited to take more in 3 WEEKSSSSSSS.