Sunday, March 30, 2008

did we say chicago....?

so as most of you know we are moving this summer, actually we are moving two days after we get hitched! we've been saying we're moving to chicago when in all actuality we are moving to davenport iowa. awesome i know... chicago is about an hour and a half away and just sounds so much cooler than davenport. seeing how this is all news to me (i just found out tonight at work) i thought i should learn a little more about our new home and as i researched it i found that there really isnt anything interesting about it all. unless you think the fact that davenport was the first place in the world to have a chiropractic school is cool. we are pretty close to the mississippi river... rivers are cool...? and no one worry there is an olive garden! i think this summer is going to be an adventure for sure. hopefully we'll get to drive to chicago a couple times and go see wicked and play around. if not there's always the wacky waters adventure park!


Jessica and Reecey said...

Hey, I always tell people that I grew up in San Francisco, when in reality I grew up in Walnut Creek, which is a town about an hour outside of the city. But seriously, who's ever heard of Walnut Creek? I believe you are totally justified. Chicago it is :) Also, why are you moving to "Chicago"? Also, can I come visit and possibly go see Wicked for the fourth time? I know, I am pathetic. ALSO...I stalked your blog down, so now we can be BLOG buddies! What an eventful comment.

The Gunters said...

he is selling with apex this to davenport we go. of course wicked is a must! this will be my third time! i LOVE it!

The Dalton Family said...

well hello there gunters. it's good to see you in the blogging world. and fun for you going to a new place. this shall be an adventure for both of you.