Sunday, April 27, 2008

bridals+birthdays+bridal showers+jazz games+talks in church= ahhhhhhhhh!

we had a pretty eventful week. tuesday i took some bridal pics out at the gardens at thanksgiving point. thankfully it wasnt snowing however it was freezing, windy, and cloudy. thank you utah weather!is it not april?! wednesday was brysons birthday and the grill at the thanksgiving point golf course was kind enough to let us throw a little shindig there wednesday night. it was pretty chill, some of our friends from the good ol' og came and we just ate and hung out and had a good time. fast forward to saturday my home ward threw me a bridal shower. i got sooo much stuff and it was so fun. that night we went to the jazz game and they won! it was awesome. i also got to watch bryson yell at the jazz like they could hear him or something.... hes a keeper. sunday we gave talks in church. something that was hanging over our heads all week. i spent all week preparing mine and bryson threw together an amazing talk the morning of. great..... we are so glad that its over but we were really thankful for the opportunity we had to speak. the pictures are of all of the events this week. someday i will learn how to upload pictures better. but for now, enjoy! oh and we get married in six days!!! hooray!


jules said...

i am so bummed i missed all of this. i blame rowan for getting sick :) just kidding. you are getting married this saturday!!! i can't wait.

JethRobyn said...

I'm excited to see you Friday! We will be there...a little lae, but we will be there, it's my Dad's 60th birthday, so we will come as soon as we can. Seriously SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!

JethRobyn said...

I never know what day it is, but I am excited for Saturday, not Friday...I'll find a brain one day. YEA TOMORROW YOU GET MARRIED. See I knew tomorrow was Saturday, to bad I spent today thinking it was Monday. I'll shut up now.