Saturday, May 31, 2008

our new old apartment

here some pics of our new place for those of you who havent seen in yet. its old and slightly ghetto but we love it. our bedroom
the small but beautiful kitchen

the one and only bathroom


Louder Family said...

I love the place. Your bedding is so cute in your room! I miss you too. I hate to say it but I am hoping for a boy:] One day i will have phone! i want to say see you later, but that wont happen. I would also like to say talk to you later but who knows when that will happen either so comment to you later.....i guess:] Love ya

Mikkel & Ashley said...

Oh so the game of tag is it?... well i guess i am it! jk! well your apartment is so cozy! I like your brown couches. I love that you have an endless supply of oreos on your counter! if we did that they would be gone in 20 minutes!