Saturday, December 20, 2008

tv is my life

so im sitting here on this chilly saturday night bored to tears because my adorable husband is watching survivor man. do i care that you caught a turtle, ripped off his legs, and cooked him over a fire? um no. and the fact that it is indeed my birthday does make this story a rather sad one. however even though this show is terribly terrible it has inspired me to blog about my favorite shows. shows that are actually good. lucky you right? also, im bored. i'll admit that some of these shows i am not entirely proud of but i believe in being an honest blogger. so here we go.
lost how i love you. how i love everything about you. how i obsess over you. if you do not watch this show i secretly judge you. ok not really but it is awesome. and i CANNOT wait for it to come back in january. jack i love you. also i will name my first son sawyer.
if you haven't seen how i met you mother yet i highly suggest you watch it. yes it has doogie howzer in it and ya ya he's gay and what not but he is SUPER funny. just watch it.

im sure most of you have seen 30 rock. its cracks me up.

ok now i'm a fan of the office but lately i feel like it hasn't been as funny? anyone agree? maybe its because the whole jim and pam tension is gone? im not sure. is still watch it every week in hopes that it will be funny. come on office!!
love scrubs. its on abc this fall. not a huge fan of last season hopefully it will be better this season. plus i'm sara chalkes (elliot) biggest fan. she is awesome.

i know friends isn't on tv anymore but i will forever love it. it is my favorite show and i adore it. plus i have a crush on jennifer aniston. i feel like i know her and we are friends. i love you jen!
don't judge me. its really cute. right jules??

i saved this one for last so that i could gain a little respect before you all completely disregard my opinion. its just a guiltly pleasure. leave me alone. spencer and hiedi? i hate them therefore i must watch them.

i love tv and would die without my dvr. tv is my friend.


Dev said...

I still love to watch Friends too and now I got my husband hooked on it. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is one of my favorite shows. I can't miss it on Mondays!
I love your header picture. It's so cute!

Ashley and Mikkel said...

Um the Hills? Hells Ya! I am obsessed! Heidi and Spencer are the biggest joke ever! like, she has really stayed with him this long and she married him! sucka! She is so screwed! We were them for Halloween! We have pics on our blog you should check them out. Tomorrow on the season finale it shows Heidi and Lauren talking to each other!!! ah I can't wait!

Scott and Stef said...

You are funny! I LOVE Lost too! I cannot wait! You should start Heroes. . .you may like it!

Whitaker Family said...

Sawyer is a great name, and yes the office is rather slow lately.

Jeff and Chelsey said...

So I watch all of those too with the exception of Lost and How I met your mother. And may I suggest a few others: Little People Big World, King of Queens (4 episodes play daily), and the love of my life...Law and Order! LO is a required taste and my require a few epi. Oh and don't let me forget the Soup. A new one every Friday night. They love to make fun of Spencer and his "creepy flesh colored beard." It's hilarious!

Tim and Lara said...

Um I've been watching Friends from season 1 and right on through the last couple of months. I love love love you! and I love most of the aforementioned shows!