Thursday, May 7, 2009

as of late

i have had many request for a new post and i mean a lot. i am really popular. i guess i never really grasped just how important i am until now. obviously i am kidding. ok so anyway really exciting things have been happening.

on may third bryson and i celebrated out first year anniversary. who would have ever thought we would make it to a year. kidding mom. i actually don't think my mom even reads this. kidding jodi! to celebrate we went down to st george with our dear friends the tates. we stayed at the inns at entrada. so fun. the weather was perfect. we went to vegas, went to the movies, out to eat, got massages (me and jules), went to the pool and just relaxed. it was a much needed getaway. for our anniversary i made bryson get me a wedding band. its sparkly. i got him nothing because i am just that good of a wife.

i have a twitter account. now this is really exciting because i love celebrities and as far as i am concerned they love me. i spend most of my time these day trying to get ryan seacrest and matthew perry to talk to me. now i haven't had much success but i feel like one day it will happen and when it does i will cry happy tears.

bryson turned twenty five april 23rd. he is so old. to celebrate i went to see wicked (more on that later) with my mom and sister and his mom and sister and g-ma and he worked a double. wife of the year award. he handled the big day with grace and didn't have a nervous breakdown like i will when i turn the big two five.

like i said.... i went to see wicked! it was aaaaamazing. this was my fourth time and i must say it was better then when i saw it in chicago or LA. plus the prophet was there so that made it even more special. he looked at waved at me, its not a big deal.

dr green's tumor came back. this time its inoperable. he's being pretty stubborn about taking it easy at work but if carrie weaver would just lay off he'd be okay. (er season 8, don't judge)

there are exactly 64 days until our san diego vacay. i need to lose exactly 75 pounds before then. this is soo doable.

it is offically summer for bryson and i am happy to report that he got all A's this semester. how amazing is that? i like to brag.

if you're looking for a good book to read i would suggest The Pact by Jodi Picoult. very good.

well friends thats it for now. i think i will work on taking some pictures because posts are much more exciting when pictures are involved.


Jamie said...

You make me laugh. It brings me back to the days in good 'ol chemistry. Thanks for the laughs!
Congrats on surviving the first year of marriage, too!!

Robyn said...

Thanks for this post :) Thought of you the other day when I was telling someone about the "hell" that was champions challenge.

Tim and Lara said...

wow you are the wife of the year and the blogger of the year! Awesome. i just love you. When are you going to have this much talked about house warming party so I can come drool over your place. Or did you have it without me. Rude. loves!

The Dalton Family said...

Yes Yes, THE PACT is a wonderful book. Um...75 pounds really, do you want to weigh 20 pounds? Thats gross Jac, Congratulations Bryson!!! I always knew you were so smart. Oh and Jac, you might want to work on being the wife of the year.....

Jessica and Reecey said...

You ARE popular. And it's about time you posted. I was beginning to lose all hope! Good luck with the 75 pounds. I've gained about that much in the past few months.

Casee said...

This was a randomly delicious post. I am glad to hear that Bryson made it to a quarter of a century without any major breakdowns and that you two have made it a full year. Just sixty more to go.

Louder Family said...


Caleb, Tash and Krew said...


Hey I found your blog. I didn't know you had one! We should be friends now on blog too! ours is if you want to check it out!!!


Alyssa Gunter said...

Yea! You guys live! I am so glad I have to hear about all the fun events in your life from your blog. Gosh, keep in touch please. And post pics asap!