Tuesday, June 21, 2011


well my baby is one. and i am not happy about it. instead of spending the next several hours writing about the deep unconditional and slightly unhealthy love i have for my child and most likely sobbing over the fact that my baby is practically an adult we will just skip to the fun, less crazy stuff.  sawyers birthday was on the 15th and i had big plans for the day that included sprinkles in his pancakes, birthday hats, balloons all over the floor and cupcakes. and he hated it all. he was a real pain in the rear all day.

 do not let that sheepish smile fool you, he was not pleased

 i hate when people make me eat delicious cupcakes too..
the aftermath of the red velvet cupcake looked slightly morbid.

i really don't think he smiled all day. it was great. luckily his party wasn't until the 18th, and luckily he was much happier that day. lets go there now shall we!

in my mind i had planned this extravagant party where sawyer rode in on a magic carpet and everyone was given a small pony as a thank you gift but apparently that wasn't in the budget. sooooo we settled for a bbq in the canyon instead. 

 all sawyer wanted to do was crawl around on the grass and play and thats just what he did.

 although he did have a very important meeting of sorts with his ladies he had to attend to. i can only imagine the riveting conversation that went on here. 

 the  men grilling away

 would ya just look at this guy? he's precious.

the parentals. or should i say grand parentals.

 my dad does this thing where he holds my baby up and puts his face next to his and says "twinners!" we're not sure where this comes from but we go with it because its cute.

 he loves her more than me.

 my baby is not one of those babies you have to show how the whole shoving the cake in your mouth thing is done. he picked up on it right away. you know what they say.. like mother like son... i don't think anyone actually says that..


needless to say cleaning him off took forever. he's so cute all nakey.

the gunter clan

 the whole clan. 
all in all i would say the party was a success thanks to everyone who helped! my sister and mom where a huge help and so were brysons parents. we were so glad most everyone was able to come and share that special day with us! 

 he loves me

 i just love him so much and feel beyond blessed that he's mine. i honestly look forward to waking up every morning and hearing his sweet little voice talking to himself in his crib just waiting for me to come get him. he's my best buddy and i love him a lot. i will stop now.


Brooke Ashley Borup said...

There probably should of been some more pictures of me on this post.. but. whatever. Sawyer is cute too.

Jessica and Reece said...

OK, sooooo many things to say about this post.

a)I want to eat your kid.
b)I am DEVASTATED we missed the party.
c)You look so freaking skinny and hot.

Please come see us asap.

mikemetcalf said...

What a charming young man!

Jo said...

Wahoo happy bday to the lil' man!!! I ruv him, I miss him so much I feel physical pain in my chest. I love all his mad faces on his bday hahah and the picture of him with the hat on is so cute!! You failed to mention that the reason he was so mad is because I wasn't there on his bday. I ruv you Sawyer. See you in a month!!

Jo said...

Oh by the way who took all of these pictures? Who flew home for this event? Anyone...?

Muncher Cruncher said...

Ok....darling! I am in love with that pic of him with the fists in the air and cake all up in his face. So dang cute! I love your lil' family. Adorable! xoxoxo

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your baby! LOVE the pictures of him eating the chocolate cake!

Engelbrechts said...

LOVED your post!! you make me laugh with his red velvet cake! haha You are such a cute mom, and Sawyer is to cute to handle! hope your summer is going well!

Scott and Stef said...

You are so cute Jaclyn I love reading your blog, you make me laugh! Your little Sawyer there is pretty darn cute!!