Sunday, July 13, 2008

Me and D-Will

So this is my first stab at blogging so please forgive me if I sound bad. Any who, you might be wondering who this is in the picture with me. If you know The Jazz then you know him. That's right, thats my boy D-Will and me. I was lucky enough to be invited back to help out at The Champions Challenge at Thanksgiving point again by Jaclyn's dad and lo and behold Darrin Williams was one of the celebrities invited to play. We are now best friends and he texts me often....ok so that last part was made up but it was still pretty neat to take a photo with him. Well, I gots to go now, if you feel like making a comment on my blogging skills or how good I look with my boy Darrin go right ahead.


Whitaker Family said...

Wow you and D-Will look like the best of friends and you commliment eachother nicely. So I think for your first blooging attempt you did quite well. It is fun to see what you two newlyweds are up to.

Melissa & Jonathan said...

mmmmm....not quite as cool as my pic with Nadine Wimmer, but whatever:)

Robbie and Shay said...

Bryson...I've got one with Mark Eaton, but..I'd have to side with Melissa - Nadine Wimmer is pretty cool!

Tim and Lara said...

Bryson, You are pretty wicked awesome, best blogger I've ever seen, read, whatever! Plus, you know famous people. Did you crap your pants a little? Tim would be SO jealous!ps. Jaclyn call me!

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