Wednesday, August 13, 2008


remember how i never posted wedding pictures? or st george pictures? or anything at all really? ok good. sure my parents live like five minutes away and im over there several times a week but sometimes i just forget okay people! now that thats out of the way i will catch you up.. basically we work all the time and when we're not working we're most likely watching tv and as of lately it has been the olympics! last night the girls gymnastic team flushed a gold down the toilet! hello! who falls off the beam? and steps out of bounds like twelve times? i wouldnt have. but good ol' phelps never disappoints so thats been fun to watch. tomorrow we're going to island park with the gunters and we are pumped! i promise on the life of my mother i will post some pics when i return... loves


Ashley and Mikkel said...

Yes I am to miffed that the USA team didn't perform better!! But i am still hoping that the olympic commitee will request birth certificates from those chinese girls. They will discover that- oh wierd they are only twelve years old!!! duh who are they kidding! they will be forced to give up the gold and then the USA team will have to step up and take their place!! yes Phelps moves like a mythical fish in that water!

Louder Family said...

Ya you are fired from the blogging world. I mean that is why I didn't move back to Utah cause how could I be friends with someone that NEVER updates there blog....ha ha I love you and I would really like to see some pictures! I will be there at Christmas time so you will have to come and see my new little one then. Love ya