Sunday, July 26, 2009

summer lovin

here is our rather uneventful summer thus far all in one post. warning: this post may or may not contain a bunch of pictures that are pretty lame.
here we are in an airplane on our way the beautiful and sunny san diego. why don't i live there? oh ya i'm poor.
here is the fam literally running to the beach

aww cute parents
almost every night we would go watch the sun set at the beach. it was glorious

here is bryson at sea world looking thrilled. doesn't he look thrilled?

a dolphin
here we are waiting to see some lame... oh i mean awesome... show at sea world. we were in san diego for a week and it went by soo fast and i miss it very much. i want to go to there.

i realize the forth of july was almost a month ago but i was on a role with the whole uploading picture thing that i just kept going. so here we are at the balloon festivle.

jordan and bryson. this picture pretty much sums up their relationship.

i realize i never put up any pictures of our condo. im sure all five of you who read this have probably already been to our place but here are a few anyway. its a work in progress but we love it. we do not however love the kids who live here.

i can't believe how fast this summer has gone by! bryson will be back in school before i know it. and then george michael and i will be all alone. that is if george michael lasts that long. anyone want a bunny? he is free and cute. well thats all for done.


Alyssa Gunter said...

Your place is looking adorable! I would have enjoyed more pictures of your trip to San Diego! I guess we should hang out more. School sucks.

Jamie said...

Your condo looks quite spacious, and you decorate very well!! What would a condo be without noisy kids that make you want to scratch your eyes out? Ahh, condo life!!

casee said...

Gosh, this post makes me miss you... even more than I already did, of course. How come we aren't friends anymore... I see you only loved me when our desks were interconnected. Well, I guess I will have to live with that.

Glad you had a wonderful time in sunny San D! I love that place, and I am still a little peeved that I wasn't invited. Next time? You better call!