Thursday, October 14, 2010

this is what we do

we go to jack johnson concerts

we say "way to go!"

we lounge on beds

we stare at hanging ducks

we test out pools

we go on dates

we fail to correctly put on pajamas

we go on more dates

we talk baby talk

we sit

and we bathe. happily.

and we fail to take pictures with anything other than our phones.


Jo said...

Haha! I love this. Him is the cutest baby in the world. I haven't seen those last few pictures and I want to hang them on my wall and stare at them every day! I yove him.

Kellee and Brian said...

so cute!

Scott and Stef said...

He is so adorable!

Casee said...

I love the last picture, he is such a sweetie! Does he have big, brown eyes?

Jamie said...

Oh, I could eat him up! What a cutie!!

Jo said...

Ok time for a new post now fank you.
Here are some idears for you:
Moving 800 times
Your newest Provo home
All about Sawyer
Ummm your Tis and the wedding

Sarah Peterson said...

I love all the pictures! We fail to take any pictures with anything other then our phones too! Haha! I need to meet this little Sawyer soon!

paige and jord said...

could he SERIOUSLY be any cuter!?!