Thursday, November 18, 2010

much ado about nothing

i know this once a month posting is absolutely ridiculous. i just want you to know that i know that. also i think its important to say that the pictures in this post are hideously out of order but i don't really care enough to work on it. if you hadn't noticed this blog had an extreme home makeover. i had to have my tis who has been blogging for about a month do it for me. i'm just no good at it. lets begin shall we? this is my child. this is the face he usually he thinks you're crazy and that he's generally unhappy but i assure you he is indeed a happy child. most of the time. the first three months of his life he was in fact generally unhappy but we've moved into a more pleasant phase that makes everyone a lot more happy. honestly if it was up to me i would just skip the whole newborn phase. sure they're cute and cuddly but man they're hard. moving on.

beanies and pajamas an obvious choice. we like to throw him in the air. the only time he will laugh is when we throw him or shake him. gently of course.

on to halloween. here we are just your typical cowgirl, bull and bat family. you can't tell from this picture but sawyer was absolutely thrilled to be a bat and its a good thing because i made him wear that adorable costume all weekend. originally i wanted him to wear an over $50 zebra costume from baby gap but we settled on the $15 target costume. whatever bryson.

if i didn't have a husband and a child this new discovery would be the best thing thats ever happened to me. pumpkin yum. cheesecake yum. ice cream yummm. put them all together and hello! it was consumed quickly and i do not regret it. please go get it and then let me watch you eat it.

how adorable is this picture? it was a tender father son moment that i am glad i captured on camera. of course it was with my phone. sawyer loves his dad.. and that thing growing on his face. noshavember.

back to talking about food. this has been my lunch consistently for the past week or so. my baby naps and i eat this delicious ensemble while watching greys anatomy reruns and all is right in the world. seriously i might just smile the entire two hours. there may be laundry to fold and things to clean but i simply cannot deprive mcdreamy of my undivided attention can i? that just wouldn't be fair to him. or meredith.

here we are on our way to st george. my home away from home. have you been to the ramada? its rockin. we went on a little vacay sans baby. i may have teared up a little when we left sawyer with my mom and drove far far away but it was a much needed trip. we slept in and took a nap and saw a movie and had togetherness time. and we came back the next day and my baby still remembered who i was.

and last but not least a little tummy time. tummy time is very serious business if you can't tell by his expression. he rolls and scoots and screams in delight and im pretty sure hes a genius baby or has supernatural powers.

life around here is pretty great. i feel really blessed and fortunate to be able to stay home with sawyer all day. he changes so much and does new things everyday and im glad i don't have to miss any of it. hes my buddy. bryson got accepted to the business program at byu and although that means i will be a single parent for the next two years i am really proud of him. hes a really hard worker. also hes really good looking.
this was a ridiculously long post.the end


Jo said...

Haha! I love it! I thought of multiple things to comment on while reading but I forgot them all. You is quite a cute tis And your baby is even cuter!! Lolololol!

Casee said...

He is so cute! And why is that I haven't even seen him yet? And you are staying home, what? I thought we were friends, but if we were you would call me to tell me all of this and then we would feast on something like Cafe Rio or Rubios. Whatever.... Kidding, please let's get together, I need to see your little man and you need to see my (big) little man. He is 18 months in 8 minutes, can you believe it?