Sunday, April 24, 2011

birthdays and such

lets start with the such shall we? we tried to take sawyer to the park behind our house the other day and it didn't go as planned. basically he hated it. better luck next time i suppose.

brysons birthday was quickly approaching and i wanted to make him a customized iphone cover. so my mom and i had a little photo shoot with sawyer last week. it is not easy to take pictures of babies... he kept moving! can you believe that? i know, shocking. eventually we made my brother try to make him smile while my mom made sure he didn't move and i took the pictures. it does indeed take three adults to take a picture of a baby. we eventually got some but it was a rather stressful situation for all involved. so i salute you photographers.

sometimes i just don't know what to do with my child. there are times that he actually plays with his toys but usually he doesn't want anything to do with them he would rather play with clementines.

for some reason he find the string that draws the blinds fascinating. and apparently it tastes delicious. he also likes to climb up pillows and fall down. he really doesn't enjoy the falling down part but that is usually what comes after the climbing. i have gotten into a really bad habit of scooping him up each time he falls and cradling him and petting his hair and kissing him. now every time he as much as tips over he looks at me and cries. oops.

i think his most favorite activity as of late is climbing the stairs. i find myself just sitting at the bottom of them because he of course cannot climb down them.

this is the face he makes when i say no. then he usually does it anyway and i take pictures. good parenting i know.

now onto the birthday. bryson is 27 now. which if you haven't worked out is basically 30. i like to remind him of that and i think it is greatly appreciated. see i can do that because i am only 26.. nowhere close to thirty. the birthday celebrations where a success. we started out with brunch at communal with our dear friends jake and amy. then a bbq at my parents.

when i asked him what cake he wanted me to make him he said i want your mom to make brownies.

sawyer looking for the dog in his old man pajamas

next up laser tagging. here we are at the trafalga in lehi. which might i add is a hoppin place on the weekends. if you ever want to hang out with a bunch of unfortunate looking teenagers i suggest you go there.

i am not with child so i don't know why hes doing that.

the murtcurfs and their son

not very many of brysons friends could come so i invited mine

and my brother and his friends

what an adorable 27 year old

after laser tagging we went and saw the movie hanna. which was a little bit crazy but good.
thats all for now. this week we are getting ready for our cruise on saturday. i am feeling better this time around about abandoning my child. not sure if thats a good or bad thing...


Jo said...

Why was I not invited to this photo shoot!!!!!!!!????? I'M LIVID!!!! OK I'm over it. Bryson's Bday was so fun. Where is the easter upate? Oh are you waiting for me to send you pictures? I shall do that today.

kelsey and murray said...

what a great birthday! you are so cute jac! have fun on your cruise- maybe we will see you?!?!

Jessica and Reece said...

There are SO many things I love about this post. Let's first discuss the park hatred. Lola just barely started to appreciate the swings, though the slide still makes her scream like I'm abusing her.

Secondly, I love the face when you tell him no on the stairs. How do you say no to that face?

Thirdly, my husband is also 27 (yet another reason why our husbands must be best friends when we move down to Utah County) and I too constantly remind him how old he is and that he is basically a cradle robber.

OK, I think that's all.

Oh wait -- I LOVE your bangs. I might have to copy you.

OK, now I really am done.

Jamie said...

Your little guy is so dang cute. He reminds me of my little boy at that age. Good luck! (Mwa, ah, ah, ha!)Just kidding. Little boys are the best.
And btw, its not very fair you get to go on all these fun trips. I'm a little jealous. Not gonna lie.
Have lots of fun!! ;-)