Wednesday, May 11, 2011


we are home from our cruise. sigh. it was sooo amazing. and when i wasn't feeling extreme guilt for wanting to stay forever i was thoroughly enjoying every moment. since i'm new to blogger.... all of these pictures are out of order and i just don't know how to fix it. i just don't. and i just realized that you don't know if they're out of order.. you weren't there but lets just roll with it.

here we are on the stairs. bryson desperately wanted to get a picture of us in our formal attire on the stairs but both formal nights they had their camera crew set up there and the make you pay hundreds for those pictures so we opted for the last day of the cruise haven't showered look. also i'm pretty confident the woman we asked to take the picture was pretty drunk.

this is just an example of what i was dealing with all week. my dessert plate is on the left. brysons is on the right. annoying. i felt real anger towards him when he would do that. i would also like to mention that my plate usually had one of every dessert. but i would just take bites of each of them so its totally fine.

the next two pictures are now my favorite of the two of us because it makes bryson look like a giant man. oh man i just get a kick out of it. if i wasn't so lazy i would have put the pictures right next to each other so you could really appreciate it but i just don't have that kind of... time.

the classic towel animal

so aside from getting a dessert plate after every meal we would also get soft serve ice cream cones. sigh. luckily bryson would join so i didn't feel like a complete failure. i'm not going to lie to you by the end of the cruise we were eating 2 cones... or more... after every meal. we were also quite disappointed that these cones were not offered in the morning. is there anyone who doesn't want an ice cream cone after breakfast is what i want to know. but its cool because the machine said "low fat"
our cruise was a wonderful 7 night southern caribbean adventure with stops in St Thomas, St Croix, St Johns, Atigua, St Lucia, Casteries, and St George, Grenada. i just sounded like a brochure no? it really was aaaaaamaaaazing and i would do the same cruise again in a heartbeat. all of our ports were amazeballs. everything was so green and lush and beautiful.

so this is where my handicapped blogging skills comes into play because what you're about to see is st croix which was actually our second port but just go with it. in st croix we took a bus tour around the island. i remember fully enjoying myself but by the end of the cruise we couldn't really remember what we saw or what was so great about it. but i do remember going to the top of some hill and looking over the island and all its splendor.

st thomas (our first stop) was beautiful. the weather was pretty cloudy that day but we survived. we took about an hour long sailboat ride out to buck island and went snorkeling. we saw big sea turtles, stingray, lots of fish and coral and even a barracuda. i could have died. not out of excitement that fish could have actually killed me. it was pretty amazing to see all the turtles. i wanted to take one home. the stingray was cool to see for about five second but when you get a closer look at it you realize their eyes and really creepy. bryson and i both agreed that one of them was staring at him.

st johns was our third stop. we got in a taxi and went to valley church beach which was gorg. the water was the bluest water i had ever seen! this day was actually our 3rd anniversary and it was a pretty awesome day. bryson rode a jet ski around the beach and i got a massage. i also managed to the flash the beach my boobies. awesome. we did suffer one casualty though. the picture below you will see bryson looking down realizing his iphone was in his pocket. oh boy.

our fourth stop was our favorite. i have wanted to go to st lucia so bad every since i saw a documentary on it. and by documentary i mean an episode of the bachelor. we took a coastal tour on a catamaran to see the pitons. it was amazing. the island is soooooooooo pretty and green. we stopped in a bay and went swimming and the water was so clear you could see fish swimming all around you. which was pretty cool and a little creepy. i dream about st lucia all day. i was actually there this time last week... sigh

our last stop was st george, grenada. we took a very education and long tour of the island learning all about how the harvest cocoa beans and how white chocolate is not real! its not real people! our tour guide Terry was pretty pissed at "Mr. Hershey" and his white chocolate. we also learned about all the fresh spices they have and bought some fresh nutmeg and cinnamon which both spelled amazing. we then went up in the rain forest and saw and grand etang lake and went to annandale falls. the last leg of our tour was at fort frederick. which the french built when they invalded something something something...

it was the most amazing trip. i didn't know how much bryson and i needed to reconnect and spend one on one time together. after a long semester it was good to rekindle the la (thats how we say love. try it. its real cute) knowing we were going home to sawyer made it way easier. if it wasn't for him i would have just had to stay. of course when we got back he was mad at me. and while we were gone he got his first tooth. but was it worth it? ya it was. i am already planning my next cruise. new zealand/australia? yes please. now all i have to do is save thousand of dollars and wait 20 years and i'll be on my way. whos with me??


Jessica and Reece said...

Soooooooooooooooooooo jealous! You two are adorable and I vote we go on a trip together sometime soon when our husbands get a break from school. Because remember how we think they'll be best friends? Reece and I are planning a cruise for next April and after seeing those ice cream cones, I may not be able to wait that long.

Jamie said...

Cruises are the best way to travel! St. John was one of the best places to go. I'm so glad you guys had such a great time. And obviously, I'm totally jealous!

Jo said...

All your comments went bye bye because of Blogger's seizure! I cannot wait for the Goonter Murtcurf cruise. Your pictures are so tute and you are such a cute Tis.