Wednesday, May 25, 2011

how rude

i feel as though this blog has become terribly self involved as of late. all this talk of my etsy shop,abandoning my child for cruises and all inclusive resorts is making me feel a little selfish. if sawyer could talk i think he would muster up his best stephanie from full house impression and say, "how rude". so i thought it would be appropriate to do a post of nothing but adorable pictures of my baby. and remind you all that, in case you were wondering, i am still overly obsessed with my child. lets say nothing more and just observe shall we?


Jo said...

Wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa me miss him :(

Jessica and Reece said...

yep, I pretty much love him and I've only met him once. SUCH a doll. And I think it's very healthy for a mama to focus on herself every once in awhile (probably because I do it all too often), so yay for self involvement :)