Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the weekend

so as you know the weather memorial day was awful. shouldn't we have been able to bbq and go swimming? maybe get a sunburn? well obviously that wasn't the case. in fact we didn't do a whole lot of anything memorial day. we met my mother and brother for lunch and then the rest of day we talked about how stupid the weather was. Buuuuuuuuut the weekend leading up to memorial day was rather pleasant and event filled. lets discuss. 

on friday we had the ivins over. and by over i mean to my parents house... where there is room for more than three people to comfortably move about. they brought pizza and we just chit chatted the night away. jessica and i go waaaaaaay back. back to jr high. back to the days of note writing and awkward adolescence. over the last couple years we were reunited via social media. gotta love it! SO glad they moved back down to utah county. and its a good thing they did because sawyer and their adorable daughter lola fell in love.

 (i would also like to take this time to publicly thank jessica for being a good mother and taking pictures, and then letting me steal them all)

after hours of trying to impress lola, sawyer was tuckered out. and i love when he's tuckered out because that is when i force him to cuddle me. and by force i really do mean force.  

 on saturday sawyers aunt alyssa came down to babysit and bryson and i went on a little date. we like to court each other. that sounds kinda dirty... moving on... first we went to costco and ate more pizza. its cool to go on dates to costco. its romantic.  after, we went to color me mine. in all the years its been open we have never been! it was sooo fun! i want to go again and again. and thanks to groupon it cost us $8. sweet.

 my favorite part was listening to all the awkward date conversation going on. oh man so funny. one guy actually said, "oh you make me smile, not a lot of girls can do that." the girls response was something like, "ummmmlkajdlkfja;slkdfj".

finished products. practical and adorable no?

gotta love weekends. and reconnecting with old friends. and babysitters. and costco pizza. and color me mind. and bryson. 

Oh and i am love pinterest these days! get one and let me follow you. heres the link to mine.


Jenna & Joey said...

don't you love color me mine?! i went with jillian in like junior high and she washed hers off and re-did it like 5 times. ha. and pinterest is the greatest, i'm seriously addicted.

Jessica and Reece said...

Can we please hang out at your parents' house more often? Because I kind of think we should relive the glory days and force our husbands and babies to relive them with us. I'm writing Anna a note from Carol right now...

Jo said...

So cute!!! I love Sawyer and his future wife and the color me mine stuff and why do you look tan if it has been raining?? Also how is Bryson supposed to drink out of that open cup hmmm?

Jo said...

Yes it is I, once more. I was hoping you blogged again. I miss Sawyer so much it hurts, like physical pain when I look at his pictures :( Also you look really cute in that picture of you holding your bowl. Ok byyyeeee poor me.