Wednesday, June 8, 2011

graduation and missionaries

well i am officially old. my little bro graduated from high school last week. class of 2011 sounds so weird seeing as how i graduated all the way back in 03. as i was singing the timpanogos fight song with pride burning in my bosom i couldn't help but think how weird it was that this was my parents last high school graduation! we're all grown up now. sigh.

as you can tell sawyer absolutely adored graduation. or mostly playing outside on the grass during the ceremony.

 heres the graduate himself. beaming with pride. for his school and his accomplishments im sure. but mostly for no more homework. for now anyway. oh and he does have two fully functioning arms.. its just doesn't look like he does in this picture.

 after graduation we went to Pf Changs. we learned that sawyer does not like chinese food and he also does not like to watch us eat chinese food. he protested by chocking on goldfish crackers and throwing chopsticks and anything else he could get his hands on all over the floor. so that was a good time. jesse got a sweet new watch and a bunch of gift cards from my parents and we didn't give him anything because we're poor like that.

 congrats again brover!! now you're old and in a few years you'll wish you could go back to when things were simple like when you were in high school. i would also like the say that the murtcurfs were greatly missed. especially since now that tis is gone i have to take all the pictures.

 yesterday my grandparents got home from their mission to Hong Kong! this was their third mission overall, second to Hong Kong. it was so good to see them and have them home again!
 my grandparents with our cousins

 sawyer was real mad at me for putting him in his stroller and wouldn't look at me the entire time we were at the airport. or at least it felt that way. he has quite the attitude problem lately. i am thinking it is directly related to this whole teething situation. lets hope so anyway. can i just mention what a pure joy it is to begin this teething experience at month 11? its greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

and last but not least, on a completely unrelated note, my baby in flip flops. it might just be the best thing that has ever happened to me. 


Jo said...

I freaking out!!!!! After every picture I said "oh my gosh" out loud and that is not a joke Haha. Those first pictures of Bryson and Sawyer are so cute it makes me want to die!!! You did such a good job taking pictures! Oh I'm dying.

Casee said...

I love that he'll wear flip flops! Will freaks out if you try to put anything between his toes. Oh cute baby feet!