Monday, June 13, 2011

gurls trip

this last weekend i went on a little girls trip to st george. it was a hoot and a half. there were 11 of us, kellee, lara, stefanie, missy, sammy, courtney, heidi, jade, lori, emily and myself. unfortunately i was not very good at documenting this blessed occasion and some will not be pictured and i am real sorry about that. 
the first night we got there we went to dinner and out for frozen custard. and cupcakes. there was a lot of eating going on. mostly by me seeing as how everyone else is healthy and skinny. 

 there was a slight air conditioning issue and seeing as how my body temperature is about 20 degrees higher than the average person i refused to blow dry my hair. so i ended up looking like  steven tyler all weekend. 

 saturday we went to vegas and everyone shopped until they dropped. we went to cheesecake factory for more food.

there was very little sinning going on but there was some and it had to be documented. 

our last stop in vegas was to serendipity frozen hot chocolate and forbidden sundays. it was delicious. however i would say the serendipity in new york is much better and not nearly as hot and trashy. just sayin.

all and all i would say the trip was a major success. it was rather amazing we could get 11 busy girls (i originally typed women but it just didn't feel right) to drop husbands, babies and jobs to all get together for the whole weekend. it was especially amazing to see stefanie all weekend seeing as how she is currently living far far away in rhode island. we just love her!
thanks for an awesome weekend girls! loves!



Jo said...

What a grand ol' time! Could you perhaps show me all of the wonderful items you bought in Vegas?

Tim and Lara said...

ah girl! what a fabulous time. If possible I actually took less pics than you so I really need people to email me some. love all ten of you:)

Lori said...

Yes jaclyn please show us everything you bought on this amazing trip

Melissa said...

Love the pictures. I'm with Lara, I didn't take many pictures and now I'm quite sad about it. What a fun weekend!