Monday, November 22, 2010

this is what happens...

this is what happens at bedtime

this is what happens after a meal at tucanos

this is what happens when you're feeling crafty and also love a delicious snack

this is what happens when your son suffers from somewhat of a flat head

and this is what happens when you don't clip your babies finger nails. bad mom award.


Meaghan said...

So cute, I love your blog.

Jo said...

I loooove that last picture of Sawyer. Could I PLEASE see my nephew sometime you incredibly selfish woman. You should have put up the picture of him standing in his new toy!!! I love these Gunters

Alyssa Gunter said...

I just got caught up on your bloggy blog and boy am I happy! Sawyer is too big to handle. Good thing he is the cutest baby EVER!! Your turkey at my house turned out better. Not to be rude.

Jo said...

Jaclyn, hello. I am a representative from and on behalf of the head blogging team, I would like to request you once again blog. Your past posts have proven to be informational, uplifting, heartwarming, spiritual, humorous, educational, "the feel good blog of the year", and many more describing words. Please think it over.
Head Chief President CEO of