Thursday, March 17, 2011


i think its safe to say that nobody reads this blog anymore. its cool. im not mad its my own fault really. once every couple month blogging doesnt exactly make for interesting reading. But i am turning a new leaf. you seen i get real bored when my child naps and am always looking for a hobby of sorts to fill my time. and since i have officially modpodged everything in my house i figure its time to get back into the blogging world. lucky you!

as for a little catch up. my child is now nine month old. he is crawling and into everything. he is very adorable. i can say that because i made him from scratch. (yes i got that from a greys anatomy episode) at his nine month appointment my dr assured me he is normal and developing on track even though i am always doubtful. not that he isn't doing what hes supposed to its just that im crazy. super crazy. like i get more paranoid everyday. therefore i am never having another child. it would push me right over the edge into crazy town. his stats were;

length: 28 inches 25%
weight: 18lbs 7 oz 10%
head circ: 45.5 cm 25%

so... obviously he doesnt take after bryson at all. unfortunate really. bryson asked the dr if there was a chance that he could have some kind of a massive growth spurt at some point in his life to which the dr kindly said "no." way to go dodson/davis genes. way to go. im sure my girls will be 6 feet tall and manly. im not sure why they will be manly....? but i did decide im not having more children so problem solved. we will just have one short little boy and bryson will walk around town looking like a single dad with his two children. (me being one of them because im so short... you get it)

i was going to do more catching up... but since the last time i posted was in november that would just take tooooooo looooong. lets just say happy thanksgiving! congrats jordan and ryan way to get married! happy birthday me! merry christmas! happy new years! happy valentines day! good?

the pictures are mostly from our trip to disneyland a couple weeks ago. i wish i lived there. in disneyland. also i don't know how to put the pictures where i want them to go........... i need my tis to help me.

more to come..............


Jo said...

Oh YOOK who decided to be a blogger. Dis is so drate. You also must keep it up if we one day live in a different state, am I right or am I right!? Your blog is so much cuter than mine now and it's all my fault.

MuncherCruncher said...

HEY! I read your blog!! :) Your lil' fam is precious.

kelsey and murray said...

you are back in the bloggin world woot woot! slightly jealous of your little disney trip ;) ps. sign up for that movie club- we are loving it! (google a coupon code for it first, you will get an extra movie)