Thursday, May 19, 2011

a little of this and that

would you look at these adorable feet. i just love them.i could just put them in my mouth and suck on them. too far? i have been feeling so depressed lately about the fact that next month he'll be one. where did my baby go? sometimes i'll just stop and stare at his feet because i know when he's nine i won't appreciate them like i do now. sigh. chubby little nugget feet.

he is standing and walking along things and it looks like at any moment he could just take off and run away from me forever. since he was about four months i have claimed that every month from then on has been my favorite and i wish that he could stay that age forever. but this really is the best stage. you can just tell he is really starting to "get things" if you will. and now he claps and waves and plays peekaboo and is just so adorable.

while we were on our cruise he finally got his first tooth. go figure. its pretty cute albeit slightly crooked. i am a wee bit concerned that he'll get to kindergarten and only have three teeth and will have to gum his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

we were enjoying the nice weather last week. key word being "were". now it feels like it could snow at any moment.i love putting sawyer in the grass and watching him trying to lift both of his legs while he's sitting because he just doesn't know how he feels about how the grass feels yet. its hilar. and maybe a little cruel but mostly just funny.

this little jerk up and left me and moved to California where im pretty sure it doesn't feel like winter and death. i am going to miss her and her tender little husband. im also going to miss watching her and sawyer and their special little bond. they are obsessed with each other and when theyre together things get really loud and their voices suddenly become very high pitched. we will miss the murtcurfs but are glad we have an excuse to go to california this summer and frolic on the beach. 

thats all for now. 


Jo said...

:( I is missing him. Do you show him my picture every day??? Say yes. Sawyer will love Tobias Human-Meowth Murtcurf Metcalf.

Missy and Nick said...

Hey! Glad we are blog stalking each other now. :) Your family is adorable. I look forward to reading your blog! :)